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my dog has a crazy eye part 2
14 February 2012, 3:00 pm
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I took Kaiser the Wonderdog back to the vet today for his crazy eye follow up. I’m going to give you an update on the situation because I know you’ve all been losing sleep over it. The following bulletin will keep you from tossing and turning tonight. Maybe. Be warned, though, it’s kind of gross.

This is my dog. Happy and healthy. Well, healthy, anyway. I woke him up to take this picture, so he’s not amused by me shoving my phone in his grill.

This was Kaiser’s eye and mouth last week. This prompted our visit to the vet, and the resulting prescription for eye goop and antibiotics.

We’ve been diligent about his antibiotics every 12 hours, and putting his eye goop in at the same time. At the vet’s suggestion, we’ve also been smearing it on the corner of his mouth. As you can see below, he’s actually gotten worse.

My poor little guy! His poor little doggie lips! I’m thankful that we scheduled a follow-up appointment before we left the last time, so I’m not worrying about delays or walk-in fees. We go in today, and the Kaiser runs right to Dr Doi and she welcomes him like a returning soldier. She says it’s clear that he’s gotten worse and takes a swab. She leaves to test it and then comes back with bad news. His infection has a high yeast percentage.

My dog has a yeast infection.

In his eye.

Are you serious.

She recommended that I see a specialist and gives me a referral. I call his office and make an appointment for tomorrow at 1530. Dr Doi says that we can always start him on some hardcore steroid/antibiotics combinations, but she wants to make sure the specialist doesn’t have a better idea. Hopefully we’ll walk in tomorrow and the specialist will be all ‘Oh, yeah! This is yeasty-eye-itis! I see this all the time! Here, give him this free pill in this piece of cheese, and he’ll be good as new. No charge for this, by the way.’

I don’t think that will happen. But cross your fingers. There’s always a possibility, however remote, that things will do down that way. Until then, my dog will just continue to look like he just got jumped in to the neighborhood dog gang. Since our vet visit was so exciting, he’s passed out right now. I can’t believe he’s sleeping through Hoarders: Buried Alive. What a lazy ass.


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