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What up my peop…
12 February 2012, 12:27 pm
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What up my people?


I have a fun story to tell you this fine day. I’m staying with friends while Steve is deployed to whatever sweaty country the military sent him to this time. These friends are Kathy and Jeff, and they are fabu. They own a house in Fayettville, NC. Since we live in Honolulu and not Fayettville, they employ a property manager to… well. You know. Manage their property. Currently there are two couples and one baby renting the house. Okay, now we’re good with the background. :)


Over Christmas, Jeff got a phone call from their property manager with an unhappy heads up. The renters called him and told him that their heat is out. This is a problem, and Jeff is immediately concerned, because it’s winter, and there’s a baby in the house. The property manager drops everything and drives out to the house. When he gets there, the house is dark. It turns out that the renters have been paying rent, but nothing else. The heat was out, because none of the utilities had been paid and there was no power. THERE WAS NO POWER. I guess that when you don’t pay your bills, they cut your power off. When your power is off, there’s no heat. Surprise! The whole thing was so ridiculous, he had to tell the story twice to Kathy and me, because we thought we had missed something.


I suppose I don’t have to tell you that the two couples and the baby have since found other places to live. I’m assuming that wherever they are, the utilities still aren’t being paid. That’s classy, yo.


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LOL! Awesome story. Muah!

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